As I am writing this blog, I realize how quickly this New Year came and how quickly it is advancing. Over the course of the past few weeks, we had sneak previews of what lovely weather will greet us in a matter of a month or so. With the advent of sunny, blue skies and warm weather, an urgency or an anxiety begins to develop. One may ask themself questions that express sentiments such as – ‘Oh no, how did I let this sneak up on me again?’ or ‘Is it too late to do something about it?’ Yes my dear readers, I am talking about getting your feet ready to make their debut this spring/summer.

During the colder months, we shove our feet into boots, sneakers, devices that conceal and keep our feet warm. All along we are not uncomfortable or bothered by the appearance of our feet. We say to ourselves – ‘No one sees them but me.’ Or in some cases our close relatives or friends get to behold our tootsies. As the weather gets warmer, the shoes get skimpier and our little piggies are on display for others to see.

It is not too late to address the matters of your feet. Whether or not the solution arrives in time for them to shine in the sun is all dependent on the cause and how soon you are seen by a podiatrist. There are an array of conditions that can not only affect the appearance of your feet but also cause discomfort and pain. Our website contains a wealth of information about a multitude of ailments or disorders that involve this aspect of our bodies. From fungal nails and warts to shortened toes and bunions, your 1Foot 2Foot doctor is able to help you navigate the course of the journey to happy feet.

Dr. Daria Dalrymple, DPM

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