Avoiding Dr. Scholl’s Tax

In today’s economy, every dollar counts. So why do so many Americans pay Dr. Scholl’s Tax?

What is Dr. Scholl’s Tax you ask? Follow me here. Your foot’s been hurting. Your friend recommended you see a specialist at 1Foot 2Foot, but you want to try to fix it yourself. You go the local drug store where you find a whole aisle dedicated to “Foot Care”. Surely there is a product that will work. How about the $10 heel cup or $15 gel insert? You put it in your shoe and the pain goes away! Amazing! You fixed it! Several days later your foot hurts again. Why? You paid Dr. Scholl’s Tax. You bought a device designed to “help you” and not necessarily “fix you”. I have nothing against the Dr. Scholl Company. They have a great marketing campaign and there are some instances where the drug store device is sufficient – after all, there are always exceptions to a rule. But why do you suppose there are 20 different “arch supports” on the shelves? All claimed to rid your foot pain by supporting your arch with a material that can be compressed between your fingers, let alone bodyweight. Perhaps so you can try each one at $20 a pop before you realize you need professional help.

The foot is one of the most complex parts of the human body and will carry the average person over 100,000 miles in their lifetime. When standing, your feet provide rigid support. When walking, they must adapt to changing terrain while maintaining this support or we’ll fall. We rely on our feet to take us everywhere, but most of us don’t give them the attention or support they require. Why? Most feet deserve better than what the local drug store can provide. Save your hard earned money for something that works, see a podiatrist at 1Foot 2Foot and avoid Dr. Scholl’s Tax entirely. Get your feet the fix they deserve the first time!

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