Did she show them on TV?

toesWe all have our ‘guilty’ pleasures when it comes to certain television shows, especially reality shows. Once in a while I would satiate this hankering and watch Real Housewives of Atlanta – I know, I know…it is ‘senseless garbage for the mind’. Yet I was able to draw a very valuable lesson from a moment in one episode. It seems like a stretch but keep reading and you will see what I mean.

Claudia, one of the leading ladies, went to a local podiatrist to have her feet examined. She had been hiding an embarrassing secret for years. She would not show her toes to the public. Whenever she was at the beach, she would bury her toes in the sand. I believe she has even applied makeup to her toes to cover up her embarrassment. Do you want to know what caused her such shame? Wait for it….HAMMERTOES AND CORNS!!!!!!

How many of our family member, close friends or maybe even you personally are experiencing this? We are inundated with so many over the counter DIY treatments such as medicated corn pads, non-medicated corn pads, gel pads, foam pads etc. The information can be overwhelming and in some instances some harm may occur, such as the development of blisters or ulcers from medicated corn pads.

The good news is that your 1Foot 2Foot foot and ankle specialist is well acquainted with these foot occurrences and know how to return your feet to looking their best. In some cases, non-surgical treatment works well to give the desired result. In those instances where conservative treatments don’t alleviate the problem, surgery can deliver the optimal result. Let us help keep your toes looking their best while leaving footprints in the sand.

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