How to Declare WAR On Your Bunion Pain By Top Rated Podiatrists In Hampton And Suffolk, VA

Picture1Bunions – those large bumps at the great toe joint can be a real pain. Not only are they unsightly, but bunions can cause significant discomfort in shoes and with walking. Bunions can lead to an altered way of walking which can cause other foot, ankle, knee, hip and back problems to develop. Now some bunions are asymptomatic – meaning they don’t cause any problems to you. That’s fine – it’s definitely okay to live with a bunion if it’s not bothering you. However, if you are experiencing symptoms from your bunion, we at 1Foot 2Foot urge you to seek treatment by one our Suffolk or Hampton podiatrists.

Prior to scheduling your consultation, you can try the following methods to improve your bunion symptoms.

Wider/deeper shoes to accommodate the bunion deformity. If you can’t find good shoes, check out The Shoe Fits at 1Foot 2Foot, our full service shoe store at each of our Suffolk locations, for a full selection of shoes with appropriate width and material to make that bunion feel better.

Arch Support or Custom Orthotics to stabilize the foot, reduce bunion pressure, and slow progression of the deformity.

Remove your shoes, elevate your feet above heart level, and apply ice to the top of your feet to reduce swelling, pressure and pain.

Though nothing short of surgery will correct a bunion – that’s correct, there is no splint, no laser, and no special shoe that will get rid of the bump – you can start to wage WAR on your bunions. Schedule an appointment with one of our friendly 1Foot 2Foot Podiatrists – experts in bunion management both non-surgical and surgical.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. One of our podiatry offices in Suffolk and Hampton, VA, would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.


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