Recent Research Study Confirms Suffolk, VA, Shockwave Therapy Is Effective Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

We often see patients who suffer from heel pain and visit our Suffolk office for relief for their plantar fasciitis. But what IS plantar fasciitis – and HOW do sound waves treat this common foot condition?

How Does Shockwave Therapy in Suffolk Help Plantar Fasciitis? 1Foot2Foot Has the Answers!

According to our expert foot specialist, the word “plantar” refers to the bottom part of your foot. The word “fascia” describes the thick band of connective tissue that runs from the heel bone to the base of your toes. And the “itis?” That’s where the OUCH comes in, as the word “itis” refers to any type of inflammation.

At 1Foot2Foot, our podiatry team can precisely detect the inflammation causing your pain with our in-office diagnostic ultrasound technology. While traditional treatment for plantar fasciitis includes icing, stretching, arch supports, and sometimes steroid injections, we offer a regenerative option called Extracorporeal Pulse Activated Technology, or EPAT. This advanced, non-invasive treatment is a form of shockwave therapy and has been shown to provide significant pain relief in 80% of patients.

How Does EPAT Treat Plantar Fasciitis?

A new medical research study has recently shed some light on exactly how shockwaves work AND why this is such an effective treatment. The study reported evidence that shockwave therapy in Suffolk actually reverses the inflammation process. This exciting new evidence also demonstrates that using EPAT to treat plantar fasciitis has the following benefits:

  • 50% decrease in the thickening of the fascia
  • 40% decrease in soft tissue swelling
  • 50% decrease in bone bruising

1Foot2Foot Is the Only Hampton Roads Practice Offering Shockwave Therapy Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Our foot care specialists are pleased to offer patients the restorative effects of innovative EPAT therapy in our Suffolk, North Suffolk, and Hampton offices. If you want to do more than just “band-aid” the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, or you have been treated elsewhere without success, give our office a call today.

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This blog was written by Dr. Gerard Costella, DPM. This information is not meant as medical advice, but is provided solely for education. One of our experienced podiatrists at one of our 3 locations in Hampton Roads would be pleased to discuss shockwave therapy for your plantar fasciitis, or any other foot health care needs as they relate to these topics.


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