Always friendly, always very knowledgeable, and will work you in quickly even with no appointment. Nurses are top notch, and the Dr.s are always friendly, and know their stuff!!!! Would recommend ANYBODY to them.

5-starChristopher D.

I have received nothing but excellent care by the friendly, knowledgeable people at 1Foot 2Foot Center. This includes the doctors and nurses, as well as Stems Spa and The Shoe Fits.

5-starMarcia M.

I broke, or completely destroged, my ankle about 2 years ago. Had my surgery done by Dr Alto. He was n still is a great surgeron. I would recommend him, he is not there 4 a reason that is unknown 2 me

5-starCharles S.

I visited Stems for my first pedicure of the season. Latoya was my technician, and she did an amazing job. She was conversational, articulate, friendly, and professional. I truly enjoyed talking to her and my feet and toes look great.

5-starCandice L.

Everyone was very nice & helpful, from the receptionist, Tina in The Shoe Fits, Dr Dairman, his nurse and the ladies in the Stem Spa. Thanks for making coming in so pleasant.

5-starJulia U.

My experience with One Foot Two Foot could not have been better. The staff was always extremely friendly, polite and helpful. But my most impressive experience was with Dr. Dairman. He was fantastic. Best of all he took care of my problem. Dr. Dairman never at anytime made me feel like he was in a rush and always took the time to listen to me and means a lot to me. Going to a doctors office and feel like you are not being listen too because the next patient is waiting is not a doctor that I like to go to. Thanks Dr. Dairman for making me well and having such an outstanding staff.

5-starPamela A.

Everyone associated with my getting my shoes through 1Foot 2Foot were very knowledgable with great personalities and a caring, professional attitude. Thanks you

5-starJames S.

Wonderful professional service and staff with up to date technology.

5-starApril A.

I appreciate the professional, sincere care I am given from this practice. I was referred 8 months ago by my GP and I am so thankful I was referred to this group. I was “worked in” immediately and have had solid, caring, professional support and guidance to manage my health concerns/issues.

5-starBillie E.

Excellent staff!!!!

5-starAnon A.

We have always received excellent care from everyone! It is a pleasure to be a patient/patients at 1 Foot 2 Foot! Thank you!!!

5-starDavid H.

Excellent Podiatry care.

5-starAnon A.

Good service, good results.

5-starDonald H.

Friendly, wonderful employees. Always answer my questions and the waiting time is little to none!

5-starAnon A.

Amazing staff, excellent experience, and never a long wait.!

5-starKaryn W.

Dr. Deiriman removed my great toe nail without any pain or problems. His staff was very pleasant and accommodating. I was pleased with the whole experience.

5-starBeverly R.

Great foot care for my wife and myself.

5-starJoseph S.

I was very pleased with my visit.

5-starJanet B.

Friendly, helpful, informative, and not painful! 🙂

5-starKatelyn L.

Always a pleasure going to 1 Foot 2 Foot. You get in at your appointment time and get out. Never make you wait. Front desk staff is wonderful as are the nurses and Dr. Dairman is the man. Great doctor!!

5-starKevin D.

I get great service here.

5-starSarah T.

My Mother was taken care of by Dr. Dareman for many years, along with myself and my daughter. With her and her special needs he was wonderful. When she passed I continued to go to him. When my son came down with cancer and diabetes I took him to the Dr. Again until he died the Dr. was kind, gentle, and understanding. I am very grateful he was in my life for these 2 very important people.

5-starGale W.

Very prompt and a pleasurable experience

5-starArchie P.

Great experience.

5-starAntonio J.

I appreciate the attention given- especially the care I need, by each person in the facility.

5-starJuanita G.

Excellent as always

5-starMichael S.

Very good service-nice facility

5-starAnon A.

Everyone on the staff was friendly and caring. I felt I was being heard and that my problems were understood and addressed.

5-starAnon A.

You are extremely caring to ensure my podiatry needs.

5-starDavid W.

Best place for care in Suffolk!

5-starAnon A.

I previously learned about 1 foot 2 foot from my mothers involvement. From those days back in 2008, I knew that if I ever developed any foot issues I would come back to 1 foot 2 foot and see Dr. Dairman. The staff is quite friendly and sociable and Dr. Dairman put’s fun in the workplace. I would recommend 1 foot 2 foot to anyone suffering from any foot issues big or small, any issue that you feel needs some attention, is made a priority at 1 foot 2 foot.

5-starMark S.

Everything went well. I was screened for diabetes effects and showed none. Nails were thoroughly trimmed and Dr. Dairman ordered a follow-up laser treatment for my fungus toenails. Later in the day I returned with my wife and was fitted for a new pair of diabetic shoes

5-starAnon A.

Excellent doctor’s office! Prompt, not intimidating and very thorough. The staff working there is very positive and Dr. Dairman is excellent!

5-starAnon A.

Dr. Altoo is a caring doctor.

5-starPatricia H.

On time professional care by Dr. and staff.

5-starGregory O.

I have been seeing podiatrists for 30 years in an effort to treat plantar faciitis. 1 foot 2 foot is without question the most professional and competent care provider. I recommend them whole heartedly.

5-starNicholas B.

This is the nicest medical practice that I have ever been too! The office is beautiful, the staff is cheerful and friendly and there is even complimentary coffee and water! Everyone is very professional and you are made to feel like you are special.

5-starBobbi S.

The best foot doctors. Nice friendly and comfortable environment.

5-starDedra S.

The staff is excellent and very professional

5-starClyde H.

The same day i got my treatment i notice improvement that samed day.

5-starPriscilla C.

Everyone is friendly and has a smile. They are efficient and good at what they do.

5-starCrystal H.

The staff is always friendly and make you feel welcome as soon as you enter.

5-starLawanda D.

Great service

5-starZulma H.

Dr. Dalrumple is great!

5-starJuliet C.

The treatment for diagnosis has been great. Service by the staff simply wonderful!

5-starJuanita G.

Dr. Dairman is the best. He is so personable when it comes to his patients care. He performed surgery on both of my feet a year apart back in 2006 and 2007. I couldn’t be more proud of his work and the look of my feet. I just returned to him for heal pain and I must say he is the same as he was in 2006, same personable quality and sound advice. Even some of his same friendly staff, that remembered me from my very first visit. Thanks Dr. Dairman and staff for taking such good care of my feet.

5-starAnon A.

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