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We have helped over 40,000+ patients since 2006, and we have received countless 5-star reviews. Below you will find some testimonials from happy patient reviews. More reviews available upon request.

Dr. Barbella and staff truly were a gift from God. They gave me the quality of life back I thought I would never regain. I had been to several doctors for my condition and everyone told me it was a condition I would just have to learn to live with. He treated me with sincere understanding and fitted me with a pair of orthotics that would greatly relieve my pain. I told him at the last visit I would run into a burning house to save my orthotics.

best suffolk va podiatristTeresa J.

Love this place, very friendly staff and Doctor.

best suffolk va podiatristLinda D.

I saw Dr. Barbella and he was excellent, humorous and very caring and thorough. The staff in the office was excellent from the first phone call I made. The lady on the phone said, “thank you for choosing our office and let me be the first to welcome you.” Kudos for a stellar environment from beginning to end.

best suffolk va podiatristJ

Very nice experience. Friendly, professional staff. Thank you.

best suffolk va podiatristvixnb

I had a great visit with the doctor and staff.. The staff is friendly and helpful.

best suffolk va podiatristShannon B.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful… so glad to be pain free now!!! Thank you!

best suffolk va podiatristAmy D.

Ok, I love the Hampton Office, they are so kind and helpful. Dr. Barbella is awesome he really looks into the problem and he exhaust all means of treatment before recommending surgery. I am lucky that with all the treatment I don’t have to do the surgery for now. He helped me out a great deal. Thanks a bunch!!!!!

best suffolk va podiatristDayra C.

Very good place to go for foot and ankle pain. they took good care of me and I’ll definitely refer them if needed.

best suffolk va podiatristFarrah H.

Very helpful and friendly staff as well as a great facility.

best suffolk va podiatristDan E.

My first impression from the front desk to the examining room was exceptional. The doctor’s assistant answered all my questions while she prepared me for the doctor. Dr Dairman fixed my problem that day. He explained each step. I had virtually no pain. This was 4 days ago and I feel great. Thank you for your excellent bedside manner…..above all the medical attention I received was superb. Thank you 1Foot 2Foot.

best suffolk va podiatristJanie J..

Best staff ever!! From check in to the time I checked out everyone was professional and created a calm environment for people who are coming in with pain. Highly recommend.

best suffolk va podiatristLissa D.

This place is so great! They take the best care of my dad’s feet. They have the BEST shoes and inserts for flat feet!

best suffolk va podiatristSuzanne W.

Dr. Dairman and his staff are fantastic folks to work with. I received professional and friendly service each of the 5 times I have been since 12/29/2016.
Thank you Dr. Dairman and staff for the great service and making me feel all better!

best suffolk va podiatristSusan H.

Personally I think that 1Foot 2Foot is the best podiatry out there ever. The Dr’s we have are the best there is and the staff cares about everyone that comes through the door. They all do their best to make you feel at comfortable and welcomed.

best suffolk va podiatristSherri B.

I could not ask for a better podiatrist group. The Drs and staff are amazing and make you as comfortable as possible. I do and will recommend everyone to them and will be a lifetime patient. Love this practice. Everyone there is so kind and eager to help or answer any questions. I guess thats why everyone in my family uses this group.

best suffolk va podiatristBecky S.

Dr. Barbella is the best. He was patient and work all avenues until we found the root of my foot pain. Highly recommend him to anyone who needs a foot doctor.

best suffolk va podiatristLisa F.

I couldn’t walk. The pain in my foot was so bad I had consented to surgery with another podiatrist. I was literally stuck to the couch with my feet up because the pain had gotten unbearable. BUT I did not want surgery so one weekend I searched for alternatives. I found 1Foot 2Foot. I went to Dr. Barbella and within 3 visits he had me walking relatively normal. I cannot thank the staff and Dr. Barbella enough for eliminating the pain and giving me my foot back. There are alternatives that work.

best suffolk va podiatristKaren M.

Tina was very helpful and knowledgeable! Very nice building and selection. I hope to continue to do business in the future.

best suffolk va podiatristKristy Hanks – The Shoe Fits

I love Stems Spa! Suzie is the best! I am always 100% pleased with my pedicures and manicures. I love the relaxing atmosphere and both Suzie and Latoya make the experience enjoyable! Highly recommend Stems!

best suffolk va podiatristGena M. – Stems Spa

Suzie gives the best pedicure in town! And LaToya is a miracle worker on massage. Highly recommend both ladies.

best suffolk va podiatristMichelle H. – Stems Spa

I am a client of Angie’s at Harborview. She is wonderful. Besides being so talented in her work, I love her friendly and happy personality. Stems is very lucky to have such a valuable employee.

best suffolk va podiatristBonnie O. – Stems Spa

I was given a massage at Stems Spa as a birthday gift. Went to the Suffolk location, everyone was very nice and friendly but the massage therapist was off the chain! It was like she pushed all the stress I was carrying in my shoulders OUT!! It was wonderful!

best suffolk va podiatristSi W. – Stems Spa

I had an appointment today with Angie in the Harbour View location, and she was absolutely AMAZING!!! This was my first time at Stems Spa, and I was very impressed with the cleanliness, professionalism, and prices! Angie was wonderful, very knowledgable, and a great person to talk with while she did my fingers and toes! I made my second appointment with her and cannot wait to go visit her again in several weeks!!! Thank you, Angie!!!!

best suffolk va podiatristKatie B. – Stems Spa

Angie got me on the schedule at the last minute before my “mini-vacation” this summer for a pedicure… She even painted a cute design on my great toe for a little extra for vacation! She is awesome! Thank you Angie!!

best suffolk va podiatristTeresa S – Stems Spa

Best staff ever!! From check in to the time I checked out everyone was professional and created a calm environment for people who are coming in with pain. Highly recommend.

best suffolk va podiatristLissa D.

My first impression from the front desk to the examining room was exceptional. The doctor’s assistant answered all my guestions while she prepared me for the doctor. Dr Dairman fixed my problem that day. He explained each step. I had virtually no pain. This was 4 days ago and I feel great. Thank you for your excellent bedside manner…..above all the medical attention I received was superb. Thank you 1Foot 2Foot.

best suffolk va podiatristJanie J.

Very good place to go for foot and ankle pain. They took good care of me and I’ll definitely refer them if needed.

best suffolk va podiatristFarrah F.

The staff at 1Foot 2Foot along with Dr. Dairman are amazing! I have had very little wait time for my appointments, I feel that Dr. Dairman and his staff listened to my complaints and concerns with an open mind and I’m excited to share all turned out great! I have full confidence in Dr. Dairman and look forward in returning back to 1Foot 2Foot in the future with any of my foot/ankle needs.

best suffolk va podiatristRae M.

I’ve been both a patient of 1Foot 2Foot with Dr. Dairman and a client at Stems Spa. I can honestly say – WOW! I never thought I’d be proud to show my feet until now. Dr. D. fixed by heel pain and a pretty bad bunion. I can barely see the scar! The pedicures are simply amazing – AND CLEAN! Proud to have them in Suffolk! Thanks guys.

best suffolk va podiatristStephie

I was referred to Dr. Dairman at 1Foot 2Foot by my family doctor. I was happy for the referral as a friend of mine had also seen Dr. Dairman, had surgery, and raved about him. When I arrived, I was amazed at the office. In the middle of downtown Suffolk, is an office that belongs in New York City. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist, taken back promptly by a friendly assistant, and seen by a Doctor who was comfortable, confident, and yes, friendly. He explained my problem (neuroma), offered several treatment options and said with a smile “”I can fix that.”” He gave me a steroid injection and I left his office without pain. I haven’t had pain since. I have been back to see him – I say hi when I’m getting a pedicure at his spa (Stems). I’ve even purchased my new running sneakers at his store (The Shoe Fits) – I love the Loco runners. I guess I’m Loco for 1Foot 2Foot. Would recommend this place to anyone with feet!!

best suffolk va podiatristT. G.

I purchased many Dr. Scholl’s supports, went to an orthopedic who sent me to therapy. Six months later I was no better. A friend told me about 1Foot 2Foot and Dr. Dairman. Within 2 weeks I was back to my activities with little pain. Within 4 weeks, I’m pain-free. How he did it, I don’t know, but I now send all my friends and family to 1Foot 2Foot.

best suffolk va podiatristBarbara

Dr. Dairman and his staff are wonderful. I went from dreading to even stand-up to out walking for exercise again. So happy with the improvement in my foot! Thank you 1Foot 2Foot.

best suffolk va podiatristCindy R.

Dr. Dariman did hammer toe surgery at Sentara Obici Hospital on April 3, 2015 and I could not be more pleased with the outcome and the care I have received from him and his staff. I would highly recommend him for your foot needs.

best suffolk va podiatristDoris J.

Thanks to 1 Foot 2 Foot, six months after my husband had major foot surgery, he is up to running three miles with no foot or ankle pain!!

best suffolk va podiatristLee M.

Dr Dairman and his Staff are the best. If you have foot problems this is where you need to go. I highly recommend them.

best suffolk va podiatristMichael H.

Very awesome place…took my son because he had flat but the nurse made him feel very comfortable, she really made his day and mines too!!!

best suffolk va podiatristTiffany H.

Great office. Friendliest doctor. Wonderful care.

best suffolk va podiatristEmma

The doctors and staff are very professional.

best suffolk va podiatristMichael S.

I love this place! I have lived with ingrowing toe nails and finally had had enough. I went to 1Foot 2Foot and had my feet taken care of. The office is super cute with fun paintings and the staff is absolutely wonderful. Everyone makes you feel welcome and comfortable. I would and have recommended this place to anyone who needs foot care.

best suffolk va podiatristLG

Thank you so very much! Dr. Dairman made my life so much better – I can walk without pain. He fixed my feet.

best suffolk va podiatristMG Suffolk, VA

Almost 4 months after surgery and all is still well…..On Monday of this week I had four patients of my own to see in our outpatient surgery department. I went up and down the flight of stairs to surgery a total of 9 times that day. Was I tired at the end of the day? You bet! Did my foot and heel give me any problems? None at all!!!! Thanks again for pain free walking.

best suffolk va podiatristPW Suffolk, VA

Dr. Dairman is so great. I thank him so much that he was able to help with the pain I had in my foot. He and his staff were so warm, friendly, as well as professional and made me feel at home. Now I can wear regular shoes again without experiencing any pain. Thanks Dr. Dairman and staff!! I would definitely recommend anyone who I know that need a foot specialist you are definitely my number 1 choice.

best suffolk va podiatristKP Portsmouth, VA

From the first day that I met Dr. Dairman, I had immediate results. He has done such a splendid job with my feet that I told my entire family and all of my friends, and that is a lot. They were so impressed that they started telling their friends. So if you have foot problems I recommend Dr. Dairman because he is the man to see. He and his entire staff are just like family.

best suffolk va podiatristPG Smithfield, VA

Dr. Dairman is the best. Love his bedside manner. I have recommended him to all my friends and family.

best suffolk va podiatristDH Suffolk, VA

Dr. Dairman is awesome. Worked on my daughter and made her feel like a queen, very gentle with her and great outcome. Best doctor for this need.

best suffolk va podiatristJR Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Dairman is a complete package – wonderful bedside manner and clinical skills. He now treats my entire family.

best suffolk va podiatristSC Carrollton, VA

You are a miracle man, Dr. Dairman. We all love you.

best suffolk va podiatristJB Suffolk, VA

Dr. Dairman will always be my foot doctor. I have and will continue to refer all my friends to his practice.

best suffolk va podiatristDP Smithfield, VA

I feel like I have new feet thanks to Dr. Dairman.

best suffolk va podiatristJF Suffolk, VA

I had suffered for more than 40 years with chronic heel and foot pain. I had two conventional surgeries that did not improve the pain. I had to wear an assortment of orthotics and braces, but the pain never went away. When my husband and I moved to Suffolk, our new family physician referred me to Dr. Matthew Dairman. That was a very lucky day for me. Dr. Dairman advised that I try cryosurgery, a new procedure where he froze the nerve in my foot that was causing me all the pain. The surgery involved only one tiny cut on my foot. After the procedure, the small cut was covered with a band-aid. I walked out of his office in my own shoes and without the horrible pain. I was able to drive to South Carolina the very next day. I was able to enjoy a pain-free Thanksgiving with my family. I cannot thank Dr. Dairman enough for his care. He truly is my hero.

best suffolk va podiatristSH Suffolk, VA

Dr. Dairman is a miracle worker. I walked for years with a limp. I now walk without a limp and without pain.

best suffolk va podiatristPA Suffolk, VA

I’ve had ingrowing toenails for years causing me lots of pain. Dr. Dairman performed an in-office surgery to correct these nails that was so painless that I actually fell asleep while he did it! Thank you Dr. D. for a gentle touch.

best suffolk va podiatristMF Suffolk, VA

I have suffered for many years with pain in the arch of my foot. At times I could stand or walk on my feet only an hour or two before I experienced very excruciating pain. Cortisone shots helped some for a short time. Thanks to Dr. Dairman and his Cryosurgery technique, I am free of pain. I can walk again.

best suffolk va podiatristHH Suffolk, VA

Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of my son, and doing it in a manner that made him very comfortable. Your “bedside” mannerisms are wonderful.

best suffolk va podiatristWS Suffolk, VA

RE: Ingrown Nail Correction – Best I’ve ever seen. I didn’t feel a thing – it was over before I thought he started.

best suffolk va podiatristES Suffolk, VA

I’m a patient at 1Foot 2Foot and my feet feel so much better. I think Dr. Dairman is awesome. Thanks.

best suffolk va podiatristWR Suffolk, VA

Dr. Dairman: I forgot how wonderful it feels to walk without pain in my foot, until this morning. Thank you for being a Great Doctor! Thank you for all you do for all of your patients.

best suffolk va podiatristLS Sunbury, NC

I was referred to Dr. Dairman by my PCP for foot surgery. I was kind of skeptical about having surgery, but after he fixed the bunion on my right foot, this doctor should know that he gives a woman confidence about her feet. I’m now not ashamed to wear my sandals.

best suffolk va podiatristLR Raleigh, NC

By the time I left 1Foot 2Foot, I was walking so good I forgot my walker.

best suffolk va podiatristNC Chesapeake, VA

Dr. Dairman and his office staff are very courteous, caring and concerned about your needs. Appointments are scheduled in a timely manner with very short waiting time. My foot surgery was great, my pain taken care of before leaving the hospital and follow- up visits always ample time to answer questions. Love them.

best suffolk va podiatristGS Suffolk, VA

1Foot 2Foot has taken foot care to the next level. Dr. Dairman and his staff are very personable.

best suffolk va podiatristTJ Suffolk, VA

Keep up the great work. Thanks for all you have done for me. I recommend you all the time. #1!

best suffolk va podiatristDB Courtland, VA

Great place! Amazing doctor Dr. Dairman!

best suffolk va podiatristBB Windsor, VA

Excellent staff – top notch – everyone. This whole office has the best personalities I’ve ever experienced – I’m 53, so I’ve been around!

best suffolk va podiatristDF Wakefield, VA

I love coming to my foot doctor, Dr. Dairman. The nurses are very sweet. The receptionists are very nice too.

best suffolk va podiatristBJ Suffolk, VA

Love to come to here and tell all of my family and friends about 1Foot 2Foot.

best suffolk va podiatristAJD Portsmouth, VA

Dr. Dairman helped my pain so I can walk without cringing! I will return if the pain returns.

best suffolk va podiatristLM Windsor, VA

Dr. Dairman is an excellent physician in all aspects. He is very intelligent, respectful, concerned and considerate. He is definitely on my A+++ list.

best suffolk va podiatristLG Raleigh, NC

Dr. Dairman is the best ever. I love his way of handling his patients. Very caring and always relaxed. Environment is wonderful. Would recommend 1Foot 2Foot to anyone. Thanks so much.

best suffolk va podiatristSS Suffolk, VA

My operation on both feet were a great success. Dr. Dairman is an excellent surgeon.

best suffolk va podiatristDS Corapeake, NC

Dr. Dairman is the best. I pass out his card to everyone that complains about their feet. I have nothing but the utmost praise for everything at 1Foot 2Foot. Thanks.

best suffolk va podiatristAL Suffolk, VA

Dr. Dairman, I owe you a special thank you. Your instant diagnosis of the blood clot and order for a doppler exam – saved my life…I sing your praises to one and all. You are definitely in the right profession.

best suffolk va podiatristBS Portsmouth, VA

I have had pain in my foot for 20 years and have been to many doctors. I went to 1Foot 2Foot and Dr. Dairman helped me – my foot doesn’t hurt anymore.

best suffolk va podiatristAB Suffolk, VA

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