So, what brings you in today?

“So, what brings you in today?” It’s a quarter to 9 and you’re getting yourself together for your 10 o’clock-with-the ‘Doc’. Whether something recent, or maybe something you have just been putting off for a while, you have made the decision to seek further treatment – and we’re glad you chose 1Foot 2Foot. However, upon signing in with the receptionist up front, apprehension begins to mount, unsure of what to expect. Before you can finish your thought, a voice emerges from the hallway calling your name and escorts you into an examination room where the doctor comes in and asks ‘So, what brings you in today?’ You take a deep breath and immediately place a wall between yourself and the doctor. With each passing question, you add more bricks to your wall.

It is important to note that our foremost interest is to neutralize any notions or feelings brought on by past experiences and foster a positive experience going forward. One of the ways we do this is to engage you in a series of questions with compassion and kindness. It is extremely helpful to know how long you have been experiencing the problem, has it progressively worsened, improved or remained unchanged? Is the condition is painful, how would you describe it? What makes it better? What make it worse? What treatment have you received? These questions create the canvas for a more detailed picture that allows us to provide the best possible treatment and care for your specific condition.

It may seem like you are being placed under the proverbial microscope and being picked apart but the truth is – you are in fact an invaluable part of developing the most favorable diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan. You are the direct line of communication to your body and that which has brought you to see us.

So, if you’ve waited a long time to seek further treatment, don’t hesitate to let us know how long you have had the problem. We will not judge you or make you feel negligent. Even if you’ve discovered a home remedy that might provide some relief, please share, we will not ridicule this treatment or down play your creative intuition. After all, it is the comfort and mutual respect in doctor-patient relationships that breed the invaluable dynamic that will only enhance your all-around experience and encourage your vigilance in maintaining great health and a great quality of life.

We understand that gaining your trust is vital and we take that very seriously. We want you to have a pleasant encounter with us each time we meet. When you hear, ‘So, what brings you in today?’ we want to you feel comfortable with us. This is the cornerstone of a lasting patient- doctor connection. Let’s build that firm foundation 1Foot or 2Foot at a time.

Dr. Daria M. Dalrymple, DPM

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