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A bunion is that unsightly prominence at the base of your great toe that can make shoes uncomfortable and sandals an embarrassment. A bunion is a structural deformity where the underlying bones are misaligned — it’s not just a bump. Unfortunately, bunions progress as we get older — they never regress by themselves, and advertised splints are ineffective at actually correcting the problem.

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Why Do I Have A Bunion?

Often, bunions develop from faulty foot mechanics that we inherit. Yes, you can thank someone in your family tree for passing down the foot structure that results in a bunion. Bunions are the result of an instability in your foot that allows one muscle to gain an advantage over another, causing the big toe to drift towards the smaller toes. Because many women’s shoes are narrow and often pointed, this further aggravates the problem.

Will I Need Surgery To Remove The Bunion?

The answer is… maybe. With over 30 years of combined bunion experience, we’ve seen deformities of all sizes and symptoms. Not all bunions are physically painful. Some bunions cause no problems whatsoever, whereas others can cause significant psychological problems for fear of showing that dreaded bump at the beach.

If you want to keep your bunion, we know how to treat it conservatively with appropriate shoes, custom orthotics, padding, and/or injection therapy to maximize your comfort. If you want the bunion gone, we specialize in the surgical removal of bunions. Now, there are many ways to treat a bunion. We will review all options with you to determine the best course of bunion treatment based on your individual needs.

Typically, bunion surgery is performed in an outpatient setting under sedation and takes about an hour. Most people can walk on the foot within 3 days with the use of a protective cast or shoe. The majority of our patients find themselves surprised to experience very little pain following surgery.

Don’t let your big toe crowd the little guys anymore. Enjoy shoe shopping again. Let our trusted and award-winning foot doctors in Suffolk, North Suffolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA), at 1Foot 2Foot help you live a better life with better feet.

What If I Do Need Bunion Surgery?

A common foot deformity, bunions gradually alter the angle of your bones in your big toe. Bunions can be extremely painful, making daily activities difficult. Our foot doctors will work with you to determine the most suitable treatment for your bunions. If bunion surgery is necessary, we select the procedure based on the extent of your deformity, your activity level, and other factors. Recovery period varies based on the procedure performed. Though the overall goal of the bunion surgery is to reduce your pain, we make every effort to leave you with a cosmetically pleasing result as well.

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