Pediatric Foot Care

Compassionate Foot Care For Children

At 1Foot 2Foot, we treat patients of all ages, including children. Whether your child has an ingrown toenail or any other condition, you can rest assured that their feet are in the hands of an expert foot doctor. Your child’s feet are unique because they’re still growing, so any issues that arise with them should be addressed as soon as possible.

Common Foot Problems for Children

Children commonly experience foot problems like heel pain, flat feet, ingrown toenails, and warts. At 1Foot 2Foot, our foot doctors in Suffolk, North Suffolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) have years of experience treating children and creating a comfortable, kid-friendly environment. Another common issue includes Sever’s disease – growth plate inflammation in the heel – which is the most common of pediatric foot conditions, especially if your child is active in sports. With this condition, your child may complain about pain in the heel during and after a game or practice.

Active children are also more prone to flat feet, which can often cause pain in the feet and lower legs. Many general practitioners misdiagnose this problem as simply being “growing pains,” which is why we recommend that you see a foot doctor with your child in the event that he or she experiences any foot or ankle pain.

If you’re concerned about any potential congenital deformities or sports injuries, your child deserves to see the expert foot doctors at 1Foot 2Foot who can answer all of your questions.

Little Feet: A Guide to Your Child’s Foot Health

Many parents want to be assured that their child is developing normally or walking correctly. That’s why Dr. Dairman wrote Little Feet: A Guide to Your Child’s Foot Health to help parents understand more about their children’s feet. This resource is available for FREE by coming into one of our podiatry practices or filling out the form here.

little feet book by foot doctor matthew dairman

Award-Winning Podiatrists For Children’s Foot Care

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