Compassionate Foot Care For Seniors

Senior Foot Care

suffolk foot doctors for senior foot careAre you a senior citizen? The status of “senior citizen” comes with a few perks — the free time that comes with retirement, for example, or the benefit of senior discounts. While you’re enjoying your later years, though, don’t forget that good foot health continues to be important as we age. The longer your feet stay healthy, the longer you can maintain an active lifestyle and your independence.

Aging has its downfalls, but 1Foot 2Foot foot and ankle specialists in Suffolk, North Suffolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA), are trained to help you age gracefully. As a senior, you are subject to many foot conditions that can leave you handicapped if they aren’t prevented or treated. You are more prone to arthritis, ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections, and foot deformities with associated corns and calluses. Remember, you don’t move as fast as you used to, and your body seems to echo aches and pains. You might get winded from performing normal day-to-day activities, while your sense of altered balance can leave you prone to falls and accidents. A single fall can lead to great injury or disability.

It’s normal for people to experience foot pain as they age. Experts say that problems with feet can be the first sign of more serious medical conditions, particularly among older adults. Health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve issues, and circulatory disorders may first manifest in your feet. As a senior citizen, you have a responsibility to yourself to keep your feet healthy so that as you age, you can still take part in the activities you love. It is important to pay attention to your feet and seek medical attention as soon as you notice any abnormal changes. Take a look at our report “The 5 Principles of Senior Foot Care” to see what will help you take better care of your feet.

Are You Too Old To Have Foot Surgery?

This is a common question answered by our Suffolk foot and ankle specialists at 1Foot 2Foot. Perhaps a senior patient has resigned themselves to living with pain, or a caregiver has decided the pain should be bearable. In many cases, you can find relief from pain with minimally invasive procedures that require little-to-no downtime. Age is just a number – it’s your overall health status (blood flow and immune system) that dictates whether you even need surgery. Our award-winning foot and ankle specialists in Suffolk, North Suffolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, VA, have only your best interests at heart. Surgery is a last resort!

You’ve Fallen And Don’t Want To Fall Again

As a senior, you are more susceptible to falls. Since your bones aren’t as strong as they used to be, you are more likely to sustain a serious injury from falling. Falls can be prevented, and our 1Foot 2Foot foot and ankle specialists can help. We offer a Functional Fall Risk Assessment to determine your risk and then develop a program to ensure you have the best chance of staying on your feet.

How Can You, As A Senior, Keep Your Feet Healthy And Yourself Independent?

1Foot 2Foot specializes in senior foot care for patients in and around Suffolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News, Carrollton, Smithfield, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, VA. Our award-winning foot and ankle specialists in Suffolk, North Suffolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, VA, provide thorough and comprehensive evaluations of your current foot condition, which can reduce your chances of disability and improve your quality of life by optimizing your foot health. We have on-site shoe stores in Suffolk and North Suffolk, VA This store, The Shoe Fits, contains a full complement of shoes suitable and fashionable for mature adults. We also offer a senior pedicure service at our Stems Spa Suffolk locations. If you have questions about your foot health, 1Foot 2Foot has your answers.

Here Are Our Top 10 Tips For Healthy Aging Feet

    1. Don’t rush. Take your time. Rushing only increases your chances for an accident. Use handrails, walkers, or canes when necessary. In the bathtub, use the grab bar. Avoid bath oils, as the tub floor is already very slippery.
    2. Keep floors and hallways in your home free of stray objects. Also, do not use “throw rugs” in entryways or stairwells. They are slippery and hazardous.
    3. Keep moving! A daily exercise routine contributes to a healthy body and mind. Walking is an ideal form of exercise for seniors, offering strengthening benefits to the feet, heart, and lungs.
    4. Inspect your feet daily, frequently if you are a diabetic. If you’re unable to see your feet adequately, ask for help. Don’t ignore the two things (your feet) that enable you to participate in life’s daily activities.
    5. Avoid walking barefoot. Wear soft leather shoes that offer support and that are made with rubber soles and heels.
    6. Consider custom arch supports or braces. Such devices can improve foot function, offer arch support, act as a shock absorber, and help prevent falls.
    7. Keep feet clean, warm and dry. Apply lotion to dry feet and powder to moistened feet.
    8. Never use commercial corn pads or medicines. They often burn and irritate the skin, doing more damage.
    9. Maximize your blood flow by avoiding sitting with your knees crossed and steering clear of nicotine products such as cigarettes.
    10. Be sure to visit our 1Foot 2Foot foot and ankle specialists regularly. Prevention and maintenance are the best sources of healthy feet!

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor by scheduling an appointment with one of our Suffolk foot specialists today. Reduce your risk of falling, eliminate foot or ankle pain, and maintain your independence through better feet. You — and those who care for you — will be thankful you did! No matter what your age, your better feet will lead to a better life.

Award-Winning Podiatrists For Senior Foot Care

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