Warm Embrace

Even though, I am a New Yorker, through and through, I am quite familiar with the South, especially its trademark hospitality. Having met my husband in Virginia and extended family living in various areas of the South, I have gained an intimate experience of what to expect in my relocation to the Hampton Roads area. There was no disappointment in this major life adjustment as my moving to Suffolk confirmed what was already revealed to my heart and spirit. The community’s warm embrace is present in my every interaction with the people of Suffolk and its surrounding areas.

The patients of 1Foot 2Foot Centre for Foot and Ankle Care, PC are so pleased to offer me insight into places to eat, schools for my children and sights to visit. The genuine fellowship and warmth coming from them inspires the best in me. From kitchen recipes to generational pearls of wisdom, my patients are a great reserve of knowledge that continues to enrich my perspective on life.

In addition, the medical community offered help and advice to aid in my adjustment as well. I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderfully pleasant physicians in the area who were selfless in their willingness to make time from their busy schedules to impart knowledge and expertise in their own unique experiences which has enhanced my experience as a doctor. Hampton Roads welcomed me in the true style of Southern hospitality. They have embraced me as one of their own and the feeling is mutual.The connection that has been made is one that I value and cherish always. I look forward to establishing roots in and serving this wonderful community.

Hampton Roads, thank you for the warm, welcoming embrace.

Dr. Daria M. Dalrymple, DPM

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