Why Feet?

“Why feet?” has proved to be a rather popular question on behalf of our patients at 1Foot 2Foot. In fact, I once shared the very same curiosity and quizzical expressions while navigating the high seas of medical specialties before docking at ‘Port Podiatry’.

You see, feet are considered to be one of the more unglamorous parts of the body and not often given the same level of priority as those parts seemingly reigning supreme in today’s society. However, I liken our feet to that of one’s faith in something. Much like faith, our feet are the foundation upon which your mind, body and spirit rest. Essentially, your feet are structural masterpieces that provide the strength and support needed to lead a great quality of life.

I believe it was this revelation that gave flight to my passion in caring for feet. The seeds of this awareness were planted as a young girl when I had the fortunate opportunity to witness the positive impact of a podiatrist in the life of my wonderful grandmother. It was by far the most patience and kindness I had ever encountered from a pair of healing hands.

As a practicing podiatrist today I endeavor to render that same care and welcome questions from patients I serve. I absolutely enjoy the dialogue and interaction they yield. But it is the “why feet?” that continues to reaffirm my passion and commitment towards significant service which I strive to deliver as a doctor of your feet. Remember that your feet support a weighty load and are entitled to the utmost care and concern. A good rule of thumb is, if you – “live on your feet, love on your feet”.

It is said that the average person takes about 10,000 steps per day which in a lifetime equates to circling the world four times! It is no wonder then that seventy-five percent of Americans will endure foot problems at some point in their lives. So in your journey to boldly go where no one has gone before or just circle the world a few times, we wish you healthy feet and prosperity -“live long and prosper”.

Dr. Daria Dalrymple, DPM

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